The Capital of Eskorn

Eskorn’s capital is a sprawling, unwalled stone city rebuilt by humans from the rubble of ancient dwarven buildings that dragons once laired in. It is named for a legendary human warrior who died gloriously fighting for freedom from the dragons a century before the successful human revolt.

Stormhelm has muddy wagon roads flanked by gravel footpaths, a haphazard layout, and many trees and undeveloped areas rather than dense, crowded blocks of buildings. Its largest building is a barnlike stone fortress called the Throne Hall, home of King Ornan Roaryl. When traveling, Ornan leaves his lord herald, the kindly but doddering Mreskan Haundle, seated before the throne to hear subjects’ pleas and complaints. The king and his herald communicate often by means of an Eskornan state treasure, the Seeing Stones.

Most Eskornar have some affection for their king and believe that threats to his rule are the work of sinister outlanders or overly ambitious knights. In Stormhelm, however, daily life is dominated by intense interest in the ever-changing intrigues, influence, and relative social standing of all courtiers and knights. Stormhelm has no guilds but long ago developed a counter to the cruelties of some of the more high-handed knights: the mysterious Storm Rune.

Stormhelm is home to the wealthiest Eskornar families. The knightly families keep walled mansions in the city. Fashion, gossip, gaming (such as daggertossing and various card games), and hobbies all across the Wild Dragon Realm are all determined by what’s ruling the parlors in Stormhelm. Stormhelm is the only place in Eskorn whose dwellings have ornate entry halls and adjacent parlors, which are lavishly furnished and used only for entertaining guests


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