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  • Captain Hrolfson

    p=. He's a dwarven fighter of some repute, though is not particularly experienced off of his ship. His crew are, in general, a sturdy lot, but they are sailors, not soldiers. If cornered, they'll fight, but they'd prefer to let the party handle …

  • Lord Karabak

    Lord Karabak, a legendary Runesmith, became deranged by his wife's death on the two hundredth anniversary of their wedding and claiming of their island keep. Over the next year, it became apparent that the rune he had created, the rune of longevity, …

  • Karlie and the Time-Lost Children

    Karlie and the children she was tutoring had been down in the forge when the rune was activated. The children, having more time than the adults, felt the effects more keenly. They ran, attempting to escape, but the siege lock had already been sprung by …

  • Lady Aranor

    The wife of Lord Karabak who died on the eve of their two hundredth anniversary. p. She was bought back to life with the destruction of the [[Rune of Time Returned | Rune of Time Returned]].
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