Lord Karabak

Lord Karabak, a legendary Runesmith, became deranged by his wife's death.


Lord Karabak, a legendary Runesmith, became deranged by his wife’s death on the two hundredth anniversary of their wedding and claiming of their island keep. Over the next year, it became apparent that the rune he had created, the rune of longevity, would prevent the resurrection of his wife because she had already outlived her allotted lifespan.

He became obsessed with the creation of a rune that would restore that time to her, and thus become able to be resuscitated. Even though he was a master runesmith, a rune of such power would have required almost divine power, and the result was both incapable of performing what he wished it to do, and was devastating for his clan and for the keep. Instead of funneling “time” into his dead wife, the rune corrupted the natural flow of time within the keep and on the island, causing Lord Karabak and his clan to age centuries in just seconds.

By the time the next ship arrived, full of supplies for the island dwelling dwarves, all that remained were brittle skeletons and a mystery.

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Lord Karabak

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